Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yey! Finally...

I got what I've been waiting for, for sooo long.
Last monday was one of my happiest days, and that made me realize how blessed I really am. It reminded me of this passage which I believe is so true.

Take heart dear child, when God requires you to wait,
for the one you wait for will never disappoint you.
It will never be even 5 minutes behind the appointed time...
and soon your grief will turn into joy. (John 16:20)

It is true. Just believe.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's time...

It's time... to update my blog. I've so many other things to do, but still managed to finish this altered clock. I've been searching for a clock that I can open and alter wasting 2 clocks in the process. Then, I saw from Sookie's blog that she was able to alter an IKEA clock, it is so inexpensive you can alter as many clock as you want.
I never thought it would be really easy. I was able to finish 2 clocks in 3 hours, and that includes waiting time for the paint to dry and choosing which paper to use. Actually, choosing the paper took longer than drying the paint he-he.

This is the IKEA clock, to open it, just take out the plastic frame in front then pull out the clock's hands to remove the white face. Paint the clock's frame with the color you like. I wanted an antique looking metal clock so I chose brown and tarnished brass paints. I used brown kuretake acrylic paint as the base coat and the Ranger Distress crackle paint - tarnished brass as the accent color. You must wait for the brown base coat to dry a bit before brushing over some parts of it with the accent color. Don't let let the paint dry totally so that the 2 colors will mix when you apply the second coat. Highlight some areas by dabbing thicker brown paint over using a foam brush. This creates extra texture giving the frame a rusty brass look. Change the face with a matching patterned paper. I used black rhinestones for the other numbers coz i don't have enough numbers(thickers) of the same color and font. Here it is...
And here's another one. I used the same brown paint, then coated it with mod podge gloss lustre for the frame to look like a varnished wood. I used a green patterned paper to finish it off.

You may also add some photos in the clock to personalize it. This project would make a good gift for christmas and birthdays. Now, it's time... for you to alter! =)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hi! I'm Junior.. Happy Halloween to all!!!

Home is where the heart is

This is our house in Singapore... we moved in last April 18, 2009. We really love this new house as it is our own which means we can do whatever we want in here. It's not as big as our dream house but I have my own garden, so it's good enough :)

Webster's pages - Your Life. Beautiful. Nature's
Brown cs for matting the photo
Prima flowers
K&Company MCKenna Green Damask Floral
K&Company Brookefield Sentiments

But still we will always remember Eastern Lagoon 2 for all the fun memories we had during the 6 years we stayed there.

White card stock
Basic Grey element stickers - off beat
Basic Grey PP - Cut off strip
Hambly screen prints - Yellow polka dots
TPC Studio Woodlang Whimsy -owl felt stickers
Prima Flowers
Basic Grey brads
Thickers - black letters

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 LOs

We heard Amrei singing this song but we can't understand what animal it is that is swimming in the water... hahaha! She still can't say some words properly, but still she finished her song with actions so we figured out that it is a crocodile... so so cute! really love her baby talk... Now, let's all sing.. All the ker.kur.diles are swimming in the water, swimming in the water, bubble bubble, splash!
These 2 are always fighting, I talked to them and asked them if they want me to send them away, I'll send kuya to Florida and Amrei to the Philippines. Far away from each other means no fighting coz they won't see each other. They looked at me and both said.. NO!...

Kuya thought of a very good answer... You just don't know it Mommy but we really love each other... don't send us away. The little girl said "Yes" to what ever Kuya just said. That night before sleeping they said I love you and goodnight to each other! Oh so sweet. I was so happy, I thought it worked but when they woke up in the morning, it's all back to normal. hahahaha.

It may not be the most beautiful poolside, that poolside in Eastern Lagoon but it is really a good place to just relax and chill out, see how relax he is? ;p

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Grand-mother

Here's a photo of my mother and my daughter. Try asking my daughter who her mother is and she will point at her grandma. I tried to correct her but she said, "No, you are not my mother, you are my mommy, she is my mother *pointing at her lola* my grandmother.
Oh okay... whahnever! (that's Amrei's way of saying whatever! hahaha).
.... and it's monday again. Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's 61 more days before christmas

It's Christmas time! Well almost...so I already started making christmas cards. I am not good at making cards but still did some - can't let those christmas papers go to waste. TFL!